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Citizens of the world focusing on stress management

March 21, 2010

Full spectrum stress management requires new vision, thoughts, neural pathways, processes re-engineering...

re-thinking our transnational alliances and our intrapreneurial corporate culture impacts in the light of globalization!

The re-writing of mission statements and re-orienting of commitments to preserve mother earth...

whose respect translates into sustainable corporate activity...

''Liberty too must be limited in order to be possessed!'' -- John Stuart Mill.

''There are the Law of the Sea (Admiralty Law) and the Law of the Land (Civil Law); the former superceding the latter!

What is perceived as a Nation is often a Corporation under international admiralty law; to ignore this is to sail without

favorable winds...   Your strategic alliance with us, per loss controls project, will bring your ship to port win-win! -- JGL

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