Corporate social responsibility win-win focus?
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Strategic Wellness Investment Solutions...

"The best actuarial minds must require synapse-speed rersponsiveness to changes in the workplace today... just like the modern crisis manager welcomes preventive health medecines without side effects, statistics with predictable curves..." *Jean-Guy Langlois  (Excerpt from "Fight to win!")

Visualize peace of mind! Commit to achieve it with us!

Water may appear calm!  Beneath the current stats surface is the truth...

LIFE IS WAR! WIN your battles with us...!!!!           S.M.S. / I.C.F.C.I.

  "50% feel benefits programs meet their needs versus 80% ten years ago!"

"An international survey of over 100,000 employed associates confirms 50% feel benefits programs meet their needs versus 80% ten years ago...; the average Fortune 500 corporation spends 25% of after tax profit on medical bills, yet 30% report excessive stress and burnout...

Technology will not be the solution to competitiveness in New World Order

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES will... in building learning organizations!  Healthier knowledge workers taking charge will weather the storms ahead and be determinant... It is indeed possible to secure a competitive edge

while applying a rational scientific model to the complexities of human resources enhancement and restructuring...

thus... Stress Management Specialists from the International Corporate Fitness Consulting Institute ( I.C.F.C.I. est. 1986)!

"I thought a university degree was everything!..."

"When I graduated from McGill, I thought a ph.d. was everything!..." I was burned out and could not appreciate what 20 years of business experience would bring to me... in terms of wealth of contacts, hard won battles and pearls of wisdom and experience... We are rich in many ways... more so than just in accumulated dollars and credit cards and air miles points!" -JGL

"The true value of a corporation today... is measured not by net sales but by cash flow available to seize new opportunities... and by the network of contacts one diligently cultivates... Egon Zehnder International, Marathon Group, International Corporate Fitness Consulting Institute (I.C.F.C.I. est. 1986), MSN, TSI...

"because winning is everything!" -Lombardi

We want your victory to be win-win!

If you really want to win, you will take the means to reach your goals!

We are just one e-mail away...

"Although in the winner's mind, there is not time, timing is everything!..."

ACT NOW! Do the mission of your enterprise and yourself a favour!

A rock never stands alone! TEAM BUILD with us and WIN!

"In the winners circle, no one stands alone! Success breeds success!" ...

"In the loser's dressing room no one knows what to say!" - Ali!

Troubled waters can lead to sweet sunsets!

Turbulent seas can be tamed! We will help you reach your loss controls...

Reach your crisis prevention goals;  your preferred port of destination!