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I.C.F.C.I. networked divisions... for Strategic Loss Controls Solutions!

ERGO: Audit.  Prevention and Loss Controls.

STRATCOM: Networked Communications Optimization / BEST.

PROVERB: Corporate Image and Speech Design.

RENAISENS: Strategic Wellness / Investment Solutions.

OVUM: Private Health Sector Promotion / Services Exchange.

MUNDO: ''Mundo das Comunidades'' Imports / Exports...  Investors Club.

Business Network ( PBICA ) / International Barter Group (IBG).




''Full Spectrum Stress Management ''... STRESSWORKS4U

Optimizing individual profit centers... Empowering key producers!

Work stress; personal goals stress; transitions / outplacement stress matters!

Mergers and Acquisitions / new ventures to I.P.O. financing stress relief!

Strategic worksite operational diagnostics to maximize opportunities...

Luncheon Seminars and key individuals consultations!




We are a network of independent brokers (ISO 9002)

Citizens of the world!

Respecting U.N. world curriculum!

McGill alumni for international commerce!

I.S.O. Best Practices!

Win - Win  Economic Union!


Needs analysis fee: $400.

Luncheon Seminar: $2000.

Consulting Fees: $100 per hour,  plus % R.O.I.

International  Headquarters:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

I.C.F.C.I. (est. 1986)  founder c.e.o.  M. Jean-Guy Langlois p.h.m.


Win-Win Loss Controls Solutions!

Promethean fires keep refining gold...

Imagine the return on your investment...

Feel the increase in your perceived value within your organization!

Witness the benefits of outsourcing!

Imagine you are about to contract the best team builders!


Provided we drive together through the Golden Gate...